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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Poem: The Wonder Cat

I wrote this quickly one night while watching my playful kitten.  Her name is Gizmo (after the creature in the movie Gremlins), but we often call her Gizzy.

The Wonder Cat (August 2009)

Green-eyed Gizzy
The wonder cat
Who wonders at this
And wonders at that

She wonders what’s happening
Right over there
And pounces at nothing
And flies through the air

She bats at your hair
And chases a light
Then tries to ignore you
With all of her might

She wonders at sights
Outside the closed door
Then chases some foil
Balled up on the floor

She purrs like a lawnmower
Loud as can be
Then catches a fly
And then sets it free

She teases the dog
And chases his tail
Then dashes and hides
Without leaving a trail

Then slowly she peeks
From under the bed
Then wondering still
She cocks her small head

She’s queen of her castle
And rules her lair
And happiest only
When people are there

But when the day’s done
And the wondering’s through
Her favorite thing
Is to snuggle with you

After flicking her tongue
On the tip of your nose
She wonders again
And away Gizzy goes

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